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Action for United Indonesia Defense on Palestine

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🔴 Exclamation Action!!

MUI Center will lead directly “Action for United Indonesia Defense on Palestine” Insha Allah on Sunday, December 17, 2017 in front of the American Embassy in Jakarta.

🔻 UNIVERSAL VOLUNTEER OF CAREER PALESTINA, God willing, will act this largest humanitarian action by providing facilities for millions of action participants in the form:
– Place of transit
– Food
– Drinks
– Transportation

💗 We invite you who are concerned with Palestine to take action, with ALERTS AND INTERESTS TO GIVE DONATION.

💰 Infak and Sadaqah can be distributed through : Bank Syariah Mandiri (451) 497 900 900 9 a.n Lazis Wahdah Sedekah. Transfer code 317. Example: Rp 3.000.317, –

☎ Confirmation and Transfer Information to: 0823 15 900 900/0823 3545 6647 (sms / wa / call)

✊🏻 “Pray, Vote, Donate, Jihad till the freedom of Masjidil Aqsa!”


🌐 Update Info of the Palestinian Defense Action:
– www.facebook.com/wahdahislamiyahjakarta

“Spread the Benefits, Reach the Rewards!”

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