Al-Quds Global Week 2022 : Guidelines of Al-Quds Global

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Guidelines of Al-Quds Global

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First of all, what is happening on in Palestine in general and Al Quds, in particular, is no secret to anyone. Palestinians are subjected to ongoing violations by an arrogant Israeli entity Including violations to mankind, sanctities, and buildings. Furthermore, states and governments line up with the brutal entity and deny this justice cause by normalization with the occupier and cooperating in a way that hurts the feelings of every individual who is enthusiastic to achieve justice and denounce injustice. Therefore, Scholars and their institutions and civil organizations have endeavoured to launch an annual week in support of the Palestinian cause and Al Quds to unite all efforts, events,

and activities in various countries of the world under the name of

“Al Quds Global Week”

The event will start from Friday 24th Rajab to Friday 1st Shaban to 25th February until 4th March -The week will include the memory of Isra and Miraj on the evening of Sunday 27th February



It is an open global initiative that aims to dedicate the last week of Rajab which commemorates the memory of Al Israa and Mi’raj and the liberation of Al Aqsa Mosque by Salah Al-Din. The event is an international week to revive these memories with various programs and events in different countries. This year, the event will have a renewed second edition.



  1. To activate the role of all advocates towards serving the Palestinian cause and Al Quds.
  2. To integrate scholarly institutions directly into practical projects in sup port of Palestine and Al Quds and push them to lead their people to support the Palestinian cause.
  3. To revive the Palestinian cause in various countries and raise people’s awareness for Al Quds and Palestine.
  4. To achieve effective and common communication among the scholars of the Ummah and unify their efforts towards the Palestinian cause.



Academic institutions and associations – Civil society organizations working for al Quds and Palestine – Free and honourable people in the world.

On this occasion, we present to you these guidelines. You can choose what suits you considering applying creativity and development principles.




  1. Thursday 23rd Rajab 1443 AH: 24/02/2022 AD: Active participation in the inaugural central festival of Al Quds Global Week, which will be held on zoo and social media platforms.
  2. Friday 24 Rajab 1443 AH: 25/02/2022 AD: Unified Friday Khutba on Al Quds in the Islamic world. The contents of the Khutba:
  • Highlighting on the virtues of Al Quds and the event of Al Israa and Mi’raj.
  • Addressing what’s happening in Al Quds and the Judaization and raising the Ummah awareness of Al Aqsa Mosque.
  • Emphasizing the dangers of normalization on Muslim counties and Palestinian cause and Al Quds.
  • The practical duties of the Ummah in its defence of Al- Quds and the Massra of the Prophet peace be upon him.
  1. Friday 24 Rajab1443 AH 25/02/2022 AD Cosidering this day a unified date to organize vigils and marches.
  2. Sunday 26 Rajab 1443 AH 27/02/2022 AD A central festival will be held in Istanbul in memory of Al Israa and Mi’raj.
  3. Thursday 30 Rajab 14423 AH: 03/03/2022: Holding an online scien tific seminar for Al Quds Global Week entitled “The Ummah’s Constants to wards Bait Al Maqdis». The seminar will discuss, “the charter of the con stants of Al Umman
  4. Tuesday 28 Rajab 1443 AH 01/03/2022: A closing press confer ence in which the week final state ment will be read. Statement of scholarly institutions in the Islamic world and institutions that support Al Quds and Palestine in memory of Israa and Mi’raj»>. Signatures will be collected from the Islamic world countries.
  5. Honoring a number of personalities with the Medal of Al Quds Global Week.
  6. Electronic struggle by publishing throughout Al Quds Global Week as well as Sheikhs, activists and institutions’ platforms.
  7. Publish and adopt the “Charter of the Ummah’s Scholars” and to sign the Charter by scholars and Sharia doctors. The Charter carries the legitimate vision of normalization within various political, cultural, and economic forms. A translation will be available in different languages.



  1. Correspond with all parties to participate in the activities of Al Quds Global Week and arrange special programs for them.
  2. Organize rallies in support of Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian cause taking into account the legal requirments and the health measurements in the country.
  3. Organizing vigils in front of influential parties takinginto account even if the health measurements and social distancing.
  4. Correspond with institutions and leaders of Islamic and national movements and all political parties and leaders in their countries with letters reminding them of their responsibilities towards Palestinian cause
  5. Celebrate the anniversary of Isra and Mi’raj and the the liberation of Jerusalem taking advantages of using zoom platforms and online meetings.
  6. Plan activities for children: drawing, coloring activities, competitions, and reading books.
  7. Present television and radio programs and utilizing the written and visual media space to deliver the “Maqdissian” voice.
  8. Legal workshops with human rights unions on the violations of the Israeli occupation under the International law.
  9. Launching poetry, prose, expressive and caricature competitions, and organizing poetry, artistic and literary evenings
  10. Communicate with schools, ministries of education, universities and student unions to commemorate the Isra and Mi’raj by holding webinars, morning speeches in schools, extracurricular activities and writing letter to students parents.
  11. Distribute a “labels” to children Miraj Center for Research and Studies with a motivational phrase that says: “The Generation of Salah Al-Din”
  12. Acampaign against normalization: To organize seminars on the duties of the Ummah in anti-normalization using related online tweets and mosque sermons.
  13. Hang large banners in public places delivering the message of slogan of “Al Maqdissian” in order to remind the public opinion of the issue.
  14. Communicate with various media networks, social media, influencers, television and radio channels, and newspapers to talk about the issue, the memory, and the duties of the Ummah.
  15. Host “Maqdissians and influential activists such as YouTubers and bloggers to urge them to interact.
  16. Organize exhibitions for Al Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  17. Launch donation campaigns for financial support for Al Quds.
  18. Benefit from the “Miraj Al Ulama” program for students. “Miraj Al Ulama” is an electronic educational program that specializes in introductory and advanced training for students of science in the Islamic world in Sharia sciences and various arts. The program is supervised by the in partnership with the Scholars Training Center in “Mauritania” and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Gaza.
  19. Organize a competition project to memorize Surat Al-Isra’ and hold workshops to reflect on the surah.


Conclusion: These are variety of proposed programs and projects, all of which or some of them can be implemented within Al Quds global week programs and activities. We look forward to working with you, and hopefully celebrating the libration of Al-Aqsa Mosque soon insha’Allah.

Soical Media accounts of Al-Quds Global Week:

Facebook, Telegram, Twitter : WeekPAL

To receive media materials for Al Quds Global Week: +90 530 082 93 29

To sign the Charter of the Ummah Scholars against Normalisation or for Inquires: +90 531 223 90 25

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