KH Shobri Lubis: The Most Easy Way Is Boycott

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KH Shobri Lubis: The Most Easy Way Is Boycott

Jakarta – Chairman of the DPP Front Pembela Islam (FPI) KH Shobri Lubis present in the Palestinian Defense Action held at Monas on Sunday (17/12/17). The MUI-led event is a form of reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that states Al-Quds as the capital of Israel.

Kiyai Shobri mentions that the affairs of Al-Quds are not only the affairs of the Palestinians, but the affairs of the Muslims entirely. “Palestine belongs to Muslims.” he said.

According to him, the root cause of the problem is that Palestinian land does not belong to the Zionists: “The problem is that the Zionists established the state of Israel on the property of Muslims and we rejected any offer to divide the Aqsa Mosque,” he explained.

Kiyai Shobri is optimistic that Indonesian Muslims will be able to print historical records with their defense of Palestine.

“The year 2017 will be a historical record, Al-Quds once taken by the Crusaders and Saladin freed it. This year it will be captured by America and Israel, will we let or defend it?”, He asked the participants of the action which was met with the thrill of takbir.

According to him the easiest form of resistance is to boycott Zionist and American products.

“Boycott Jewish products for as long as possible, intend lillahi ta’ala,” he concluded.

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