Wahdah Islamiyah Provides Ambulance Fleet to Help Earthquake Victims in Central Sulawesi

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Wahdah volunteer care prepare to head for a hammer carrying humanitarian assistance to the Palu Erthaquake victims

Wahdah Islamiyah Provides Ambulance Fleet to Help Earthquake Victims in Central Sulawesi

(Makassar) wahdahjakarta.com – An earthquake measuring 7.4 magnitude along with a tsunami that occurred in Palu, Central Sulawesi was a concern on all parties.

LAZIS Wahdah gives full supports to distribute aid to disaster victims by providing assistance to one fleet in the form of Ambulance. The fleet departed from the LAZIS Wahdah headquarters located at Jln. Urip Sumoharjo No. 15, Tello Baru, Makassar City, Saturday (29/9). Four volunteers who escorted the relief expedition were Asmar Judda, Hasbullah, Suriadi, and Herdiyanto.

“Full support of LAZIS Wahdah to help victims of the earthquake in Central Sulawesi. All the big families of Wahdah Islamiyah Islamic Community Organization are mourning the disaster and through this effort we hope to help the community through the difficult times they face,” explained Syahruddin, Director of LAZIS Wahdah, when releasing volunteers who brought help.

Ambulance will take approximately 17 hours to travel with a distanceof ± 832.4 km towards the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi. This ambulance brought aid in the form of food, logistics in the form of tarps, emergency tents, basic necessities and generators.

Previously, LAZIS Wahdah had also sent a number of volunteers the day before. And on this day, a fleet of assistance will complete the struggle of the volunteer team during the evacuation of the victims of the Central Sulawesi earthquake while it took place. The team is currently still conducting assessment and completion of victim data. While other teams will build humanitarian posts with key programs such as health and medical volunteers, trauma healing, da’wah, public kitchen assistance, fuel / power plant equipment and emergency tents.

“Pray for us to be safe until our destination. There is no other intention than just to help them, our brothers who are temporarily mourning, “said one of the volunteers.

Friend, let’s put our hands together, pray for our brothers who are grieving.

Let’s help our brothers and sisters affected by the Central Sulawesi earthquake. Donations can be channeled through Bank Syariah Mandiri (451) account number: 499 900 9005 a. N LAZIS Wahdah Peduli Negeri.  Note

  1. For the sake of trust and discipline, recording is expected to add a nominal amount of 600 per transfer. Example of Rp. 500,600, –
  2. Transfer confirmation via WA / SMS to +6285315900900, type: PGS / Name / Address / Donation Amount along with transfer proof photo. 🌹 For the participation and charity we say “Syukran wa Jazakumullahu Khairan” and may Allah multiply our alms reward. LAZIS Wahdah “Serving and Empowering”

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