Earthquake Disasters Hit Palu City Wahdah Send Volunteers

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Wahdah volunteers of Poso, Ampana and Makassar otw to Palu City
Earthquake Disaster in Palu City Center Sulawesi Indonesia

Through the Center Coordination of Lazis Wahdah (Wahdah Care) team, after Isha prayers last night (Friday, 29/9), the volunteers had been sent from branch office of wahdah as many as 6 persons, from branch office of Ampana 5 people, departed via land tranportation and this morning 2 volunteers including medical personnel departed via air plane.

“The aim of the team departured to the field to do the stage of assessment emergency conditional, whereas the team will spread and do data collection for the center source of the earthquake,” said syahruddin, chairman of lazis wahdah Center

Previous volunteers from the local area of wahdah branch office at the Palu city had already helped in locations.

God willing to the second periode, team of Makassar will be deployed as much as 12 volunteers. Ahmad Muslimin, one of the volunteers of lazis wahdah that are in the location of earthquake sent a number of release videos, photos and news conditions in the Palu city which are also affected severe.

In the video, it looks hysterical cries everywhere with the appearance of sea water started to flow at the segment-road area of mosque. Some also showd the building bridges was also collapsed.

In addition, videos submitted by Ahmad Muslimin also displays the condition of victims in the court office field of the Red cross Indonesia Palu. They are now being treated on the streets with potluck medical supplies.

conditions in the palu city caused by the earthquake
conditions in the Palu city caused by the earthquake

Let show our concern to help each other in need. Donations can be in line through account Syariah Mandiri Bank 4999009005 a.n  Lazis wahdah Peduli Negeri. Transfer code of the bank is 451. The evidence transfer confirmation send to 085315900900 example PGS / name / area / 500.600 (*)

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